Universal Crossword Answers

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About Universal Crossword

The Universal Crossword is a widely syndicated puzzle that appears in dozens of different magazines and newspapers. It is an extremely popular crossword because of its accessibility, witty clues, and familiar topics.

The Universal Crossword is considered a “standard” for all daily crosswords, because it is challenging while remaining solvable for the average reader. Most people would have solved a Universal Crossword even if they didn’t realise it, because it has been included in so many publications over the years. Here is some more information about this popular puzzle.

History Of The Universal Crossword Puzzle

The Universal Crossword Puzzle is a product of Andrews McMeel Syndication, a large print and web syndication company. Andrews McMeel Syndication creates a wide range of content including opinion columns, cartoons, comic strips, and puzzles.

Some of the most well-known products they produce include Garfield, Dear Abby, Doonesbury, News Of The Weird, and The Universal Crossword.

The company was first launched in 1970 by Jim Andrews and John McMeel. The company grew at a rapid rate and its content was soon published by thousands of newspapers and magazines.

Andrews McMeel Syndication distributes many daily puzzles and games in print media and online through the puzzle websites PuzzleSociety.com and UclickGames.com.

Included among their range of puzzles are:

How Often Are Universal Crossword Puzzles Published?

The Universal Crossword is published every day of the week. The standard daily crossword is usually on a 15 x 15 grid, while a larger 21 x 21 version is produced on Sundays.

Universal Crossword Puzzle — Style And Conventions

The Universal Crossword uses many types of clues including puns, synonyms, quote clues, cryptic clues, sound clues, combined solutions, and double clues. The answers reference a variety of topics including everyday objects, musical artists, television shows, movies, art, events, and moments in history.

Other puzzle conventions include:

Who Writes The Universal Crossword?

Universal Crossword puzzles are edited by a number of freelancers. However, many are also written by the editor of the Universal Crossword, David Steinberg.

Who Is The Editor Of The Universal Crossword?

All Universal Crosswords are edited by David Steinberg. David is an experienced puzzle creator who published his first crossword puzzle in The Universal when he was just 14 years old.

At the young age of 15, David was appointed the crossword editor of the Orange County Register’s 24 affiliated newspapers. Since then, he has published hundreds of puzzles in the Times, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed and more.

David is also the editor of The Puzzle Society Crossword and author of two books of crosswords: Chromatics (Puzzazz, 2012) and Juicy Crosswords (Sterling/Puzzlewright Press, 2016).

How To Play The Universal Crossword Puzzle

The Universal crossword puzzle can be played by either:

  1. Buying a copy of publication which publishes it
    The Universal Crossword is published daily in many different newspapers and magazines.
  2. Play it online
    Many sites publish the daily Universal Crossword including the Andrews McMeel Syndication website and Smithsonian Magazine.