Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers

Here you may find all the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers and Solutions.

About Wall Street Journal Crossword

The Wall Street Journal is the United States’ preeminent financial newspaper. First published over 130 years ago, by Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser, it remains one of the leading newspapers for political and financial news.

Today, the WSJ is one of the largest newspapers in the United States by circulation. As estimated 2.8 million copies (including digital) are sold each day.

Aside from being a leading source of news, the paper publishes excellent crossword puzzles. Wall Street Journal crosswords are elegant, sophisticated, and challenging to play. They place a strong emphasis on cryptic clues and can be difficult to solve.

History Of The Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles have been very popular in the United States since 1924, when Richard Simon and M. Lincoln Schuster published a large printed collection of puzzles. The book was an immediate success and eventually sold over 100,000 copies in the United States alone.

However, despite their popularity, the Wall Street Journal did not rush to publish crosswords. They only began publishing weekend crossword puzzles in 1998 and daily puzzles in 2015. However, they have taken their crosswords very seriously, always employing skilled puzzle creators and editors.

How Often Are Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzles Published?

Currently, the Wall Street Journal publishes a crossword puzzle every day of the week and a specially commissioned weekly crossword puzzle. Occasionally, they will run a crossword contest, where players must identify a hidden phrase contained within the puzzle. The WSJ also publishes a variety of other puzzles including cryptic puzzles and Sudoku.

Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle — Style And Conventions

The Wall Street Journal Crossword uses a variety of clue types including puns, anagrams, sound clues, and double clues. However, the emphasis is very clearly on cryptic clues. Puzzle solvers must see through the deliberate trickery employed by the puzzle designer to solve these kinds of crosswords.

Some of the clue types used in WSJ crosswords include:

The answers reference many different topics including politics, music, art, day to day objects, moments in history, and figures in popular culture.

 Who Is The Editor Of The Wall Street Journal Crossword?

The puzzle is edited by Mike Shenk, one of the world’s most accomplished puzzle constructors and editors. He has spent the last 16 years creating puzzle games for Games magazine and working as the WSJ puzzle editor.

Who Writes The Wall Street Journal Crossword?

Mike Skenk is responsible for constructing many of the puzzles himself. However, he also solicits contributions from freelance constructors. He checks every puzzle to make sure it is accurate, well-made, interesting, and challenging — without being too frustrating for the player.

How To Play The Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle

The Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle can be played by either:

  1. Buying a copy of the Wall Street Journal newspaper
    The Wall Street Journal Crossword is published daily in the newspaper.
  2. Visiting the Wall Street Journal website
    The Wall Street Journal Blog posts free daily crosswords online. However, a subscription is required to access all puzzles.